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Welcome to Peru Journeys.

You will find the details for all the group journeys and jungle retreats that I offer each year here.

Peru Journeys is the page where I have brought together all the details of the retreats and group journeys that I organise, host and lead in Peru and India.

You may have arrived here from my main website:

You are welcome to return there or visit it at any time by clicking the link just above this. Mesa Medicine will introduce you to all my work as a Shaman including my workshop and Medicine Wheel training programmes in Europe.

You will find all the details for the Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys in Peru including the details of Ayahuasca and other Plant Medicine programmes that I organise and host, here. I also offer longer, two week group journeys with the Qero and Inca shaman which take you overland through the Sacred Valley of the Incas an on to Lake Titikaka, walking the land and sharing ceremony with the shaman each day.

Over the next few weeks (October 2017) I will be adding more detailed content to this site. In the mean time please contact me for more details

Each year I offer at least one opportunity for each of the following:

Journey through Sacred Valley, Peru, with the Qero Shaman.

This is a two week group journey. We stay in comfortable hotels for the whole of the journey unless we are camping or staying in the homes of the families who live on the islands of Lake Titikaka, mostly Amantani island. Our journeys take us across the landscape of the Incas each day. Walking with our Qero/Inca Shaman and sharing in ceremonies with them in the ancient and sacred places of power.

Intensive 8 day Plant Spirit Medicine Retreat in Peru, and longer for experienced participants

8 day Plant Spirit Medicine retreats are a good length to begin with if you wish to have a deeper experience with Ayahuasca and the other Jungle Medicine plants such as Chacaruna, Uchu Sanango, Garlic Sancha. Longer retreats are more suited when you have developed a good foundation and relationship with both the medicine of the jungle and your own personal journey. We begin with a cleansing, purgative practice and then step straight in on the first evening to ceremony with Ayahuasca. Part of the retreat will focus on working with Ayahuasca in ceremony in the evening, usually 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies in an 8 day retreat. For the rest of the retreat we work with the other plant medicines of the jungle as are appropriate and most helpful to both our individual needs and our purpose in joining the retreat. Our retreats are held at Hampichicuy in Tarapoto, Peru, with master plant medicine shaman Javier Zavala Lopez.

Learn, receive, share and practice the Rite of the Munay Ki in North Goa, India

The Munay Ki are nine beautiful and powerful energetic empowerments, healing rites derived from the traditional rites of the Incas and the Andes. India and the white sand beaches of North Goa that face the Arabian sea, have been home to this workshop for several years. We are always well received and it is a fabulous opportunity to combine our journey with the Munay Ki and the powerful energies of Ancient India.

I invite you to join me on any or all of these journeys and step forward in India or Peru on your personal journey of change, evolution and growth. Supported by the energy and spirit of these beautiful and ancient lands as well as the traditions of the Incas and Jungle Shaman

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For more information or just to have a chat about the journeys please get in touch. I look forward very much to hearing from you.

With much love


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